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    Hi, everybody! Today, I would like to introduce myself!

      My name is ChengZiYing, 9 years old this year, I am a lovely little girl. I have a pair of watery eyes, a pair of big ears, a straight nose, a plausible mouth, a tender little face, have a black long hair on his head. Oh, regardless of appearance! Tell me about my hobby, advantage!

      I often help my mother do housework at home, I also can play the piano! I'll play the song: "Mr. Red rope", "river bank Mongolia folk song", "dream wedding", "the moon represents my heart". Sometimes, when I was at home all right, will create their songs to play, and the lyrics!

      I am very obedient at home, this is me, do you understand me? If you still don't understand, that is quick to make friends with me![初中英语作文:毛遂自荐]相干文章:

    me 军训感受作文 打羽毛球的作文 小学生作文加盟
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