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    Dear distinguished chief judge;

    As the defense attorney of my client, I have made many surveys in secret after I took over the case. According to my client and all the information I have inspected about the case, now I have an deep and comprehensive understanding about the case . Therefore , I want to show my opinions to you, and I hope the chief would accept them .

    . 1. The stolen car was found abandoned three hours after thetheft with the engine still warm; at the time the car was found, my client was at the airport to meet the flight of a friend who was flying into town.

    2. Lab analysis of muddy shoe prints on the floor mat of the car indicates that the prints came from a size 27 shoe; your client wears a size 25.

    3. Lab analysis shows the presence of cigarette smoke in the car, but your client does not smoke.

    4. The only eyewitness to the crime, who was 20 meters from the car, said the thief "looked like" your client; yet the eyewitness admitted that at the time of the theft she was not wearing her contact lenses, which had been prescribed for improving distance vision.

    5. The car was stolen at about I p.m.; your client testified that he was in a town 400 kilometers away at 11 a.m.

    6. In a statement to police, the eyewitness described the thief as tall; your client is short.

    Because of all the doubtful points , I think it is unfair to found guilty of theft to my client. Moreover, the basic standard of criminal sanction is that taking facts as a basis and laws as the criterion, so I hope the chief judge will give a reasonable judgment to my client finally.

    That’s all ,thanks.

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