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    My mother is a doctor. Her English name is Amy. She is thirty-five years old. She is very nice .She has a long hair and two black eye. And she has a small mouth and small nose. My mother loves me very much. She is good at cooking. She likes singing. Every day, she will sing many songs.

    I love my mother; my mother loves me, too. We are very happily.


    我妈妈是一个医生。她的英文名字是艾米。她三十五岁了。她很漂亮。她有一头长长的`秀发和一双黑黑的眼睛。她有一张小嘴和小小的鼻子。我非常爱我的妈妈。她擅长烹饪。她喜欢唱歌。每天日记踢毽子作文,她都要唱很多的歌。 我爱我的妈妈踢毽子作文,我妈妈也爱我。我们都很开心。

    he 小草作文 温故而知新作文 小动物的作文 踢毽子作文
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